Defamiliarization in Commercial Photographs

The defamiliarization is one of the basic concepts introduced in the Russian formalism theory. In a broad definition, consists of all the techniques that the Photographer or Artist takes advantage of the world of Images to alienate his audience a different way. His aim is not to clarify the meaning or concept quickly, but to create new concepts in beautiful forms. Defamiliarization is a new concept for new expressing via the alienation (for greater impact in the mind of the audience) has used. In this Project function of this concept in advertising photography has been studied.
I try to surprise the audience by choosing unconventional angles, creating high contrast in the images, photomontage or choosing a strange slogan for the images, in order to he/she trying to solve the riddle that I have created by using humor or any of the above or other methods. This will keep the image in his mind for a while until it becomes normal.
The goal, is increase of the verbal effectiveness, that is expressed by photos and advertising images for selling products to the audience or customer. How many times a word has been said and has lost its effectiveness, again with the concept of defamiliarization will gain new life, and the audience will be surprised, and it remains in his mind.