The Inner Letter, 2014

The inner letter is the title of my photo collection of the Tasua and Ashura ceremonies in Yazd. Two days after Muharram, the believers come and consider themselves part of this ceremony. They lift a palm tree, which symbolizes the coffin of Imam Hussein. An imam who did not have a coffin. This is just a symbol of respect for Imam Hussein. Rituals, whether religious or non-religious, are the cause of human solidarity. People take to the streets during these two days and get away from the atmosphere that prevails on normal days. The movements and behavior of people in the ceremony are very interesting to me. The question is, what do they think? It is always on my mind. Everyone has a different idea. Sometimes the ceremony is just a form and watching them form and people just are busy doing it. Only two photos from this collection have been displayed in the group photo exhibition of Haghighat Sar in the Yazd Gallery of Contemporary Arts in 2014 (a photo that shows a hand coming out from under the flag and a photo that shows the hand towards the sky). The rest is published on my website and in this section.